What is WebCardio?

WebCardio is a wireless, disposable, leadless multi day Holter monitor.
It integrates features of cardiac telemetry and holter monitoring to simplify the procedure administration, and patient experience.
WebCardio enables healthcare providers to deliver cardiac monitoring services to a larger population.

WebCardio is brand of Gadgeon Smart Systems Pvt. Ltd.


How it works

Hospitals maintain a small stock of disposable patches.

Doctor decides on the number of days of monitoring.

Patch is applied on the patient by the nurse or technician.

Patch is wirelessly paired with the companion Android App.

Either the patient's phone or dedicated phone can be used.

ECG is visually checked in the App before starting the recording.

ECG is sent to WebCardio cloud backend from the App.

ECG is analyzed by Technicians using Holter analysis Software.

Report along with full disclosure data is made available online.


For Healthcare providers

Enables hospitals to scale up their Holter monitoring capacity.

Enables clinics and individual cardiologist to add Holter monitoring to their practice.

Pay as You Use model allows to start without any initial investment.

Easy procedure administration without the hassles of affixing leads.

No additional workload - Holter reports are provided as part of the service.

Report format provides an experience very similar to that of traditional Holter monitoring.

Doctors and hospital staff can access, review and edit the reports online.

Full disclosure data can be accessed anytime online.

Increased diagnostic yield due to better compliance and longer monitoring duration.

For Patients

Convenient and doesn’t interfere with the day to day life

Economic benefits by reducing the number of hospital visits or even hospitalisation.

Easy availability at Healthcare facility near the patient without a waiting period

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A Wireless, Disposable, Multiday Holter monitoring system powered by Cloud

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